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Ok, there's this stuff, called Seafoam, you can buy it at yoru local autoparts store, it cleans out all the carbon in your engine, and is supposed to help it run smoother. So I decided to try it. Before you start, if you do this (which you should) know a few things: Have a funnel with a very small opening (refer to vaccum line pic) a funnel would have made things much easier. Be out side ! Alot, and i mean ALOT of smoke will come out of your car. Have a freind to help. ok, so here it is.

Here is the product, seafoam sitting on my car

Here is the vaccum line you should use, if you use a differnt vaccum line, make sure it feeds ALL cylinders.

it might be on there pretty good, but if you tug hard enough, that som' bitch will come off eventually

Now, take my word use a small plastic funnel!! Luckily my mom is an Anestisiologist, and has weird as hoses and medical stuff in a box, so what me and a freind did was take one tube put it in the vaccum line, take another tube, put it in the seafoam can, and put that tube in the first tube

Here you'll see my finger over the tube, you'll need to cover the vaccum line with your finger while a freind starts the car, if not the car will stall out.

Then what we did was connect the tubes, let the car suck a little seafoam out (the vaccum is strong) stop it, wait again for a sec, let a lil more seafoam in, let the car idle for a few secs, and repeat this process.

Now what you should do if you have a funnel instead of weird tubes, is take your finger off the hole, slap the funnel on, have a bud pour a lil in, take the funnel out, cover the hole for 20-30 seconds, and repeat. Sometimes if you give it alot of seafoam it will sound like the car is about to stall out, dont worry, it comes back, most of the time, too much air or seafoam, and the car will stall.

heres a pic with the tubes, just connected, and the vaccum about to suck..

and just do that untill the whole bottle is gone

During and after the process, the car will spew ALOT of smoke! and I mean alot, its actually really cool =) These next pics dont do it justice, they were taken near the end.

It took a few minutes after the seafoam for most of the smoke, i revved it to about 1500 and kept it there for like a min, and ALOT came out, and thats it your done!!! Easy process, and fun to see a giant cloud of smoke =) I'm going to do this everytime I change my oil from now on. If you have any questions, just ask. Now go get some Seafoam!

Write-up by: Badfish from MustangBoards.com