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After removing the corner lamps, plastic covers over the radiator and headlights and unplugging the wire harness, locate the retaining clip on the upper outside pin on the headlight housing. Pull up on it to remove, but be careful when it lets go you could easily cut your fingers...



This is the clip after removal...



Next find the 2 preessure clips (for lack of a better term) and squeeze the tabs together while gently pulling forward on the headlight assembly. This one is on the inside (closest to the center of the car) pin



On the left is the pressure clip (actually towards the bottom of the assembly) and to the right is the pin where the clip was removed from previously.



This is the assembly once it has been removed from the car. At the top left in this picture but it will be the uppermost outboard pin, remove the bracket from the old light and put it on the new assembly. This helps save adjustment time later



The clip after removal...



The clip placed on the new headlight assembly...



Now adjust the headlights with a screwdriver on the lower outboard bolt and a 5/32 socket on the other two



and put the rest of the car back together...


found @ http://www.dzstoys.com