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This is from CDC site
Will your CDC Shaker Kit work with a stock Mach 1 Hood? Our Shaker System will not work with the factory Mach 1 Hood. The CDC Shaker will sit to low and too far back in the factory hood's opening. Modifying the mounting brackets to adjust the Shaker in the factory hood will alter the relationship of the Shaker to the air filter housing, thus rendering the CDC Shaker Air Tube unusable and the system non-functioning....YA RIGHT


Well I can tell you that you can use a CDC shaker kit with a Mach 1 hood…it is true that it does in fact sit too low and far back by about ¾ in but this is easily solved by fabricating a spacer and a bracket for the front CDC bracket and a bit of twist and bend in the back bracket is all you need. The intake fits just fine with only a small clearance issue with the radiator overflow bracket…this is solved with a dermel tool. The drain pan on a stock Mach shaker is larger than the CDC drain pan…we solved this small problem by fabricating a bracket out of fiberglass and affixed it to the underside of the Mach 1 hood. The appliqué was then cut and attached to this bracket. Basically the appliqué was used but on the underside not the top

The pics below should give you a clearer picture on how all this was done…we should have taken a few more but you know how it is when you get into a project…you forget to take pics

found @ http://www.3.8mustang.com
written by: 2kids3pets