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After installing the CXRacing Intercooler and setting up my car as a draw-thru system, I brought the car into Wicked Motorsports to have Kevin Hand take a look at it. We determined that the car was tailing lean and found that the CXRacing Intercooler was loosing 4 - 6 PSI after logging it pre and after. As I said, the car was set up as a draw-thru system which means the location of the MAF (Mass Airflow Meter) was just after the K&N Filter . That means the air was being measured right after the filter rather than right before the throttle body. I didn't like the fact that the air traveled through the piping, in the intercooler, through more piping, then into the engine. The readings cannot be 100% accurate that way, so I decided to change it. We relocated the MAF to right before the throttle body which means we converted the from a Bypass Valve (which recirculates the air) to a Blow Off Valve (which blows the excess air into the atmosphere). My fuel pump was also struggling a bit up top so I picked up a .

*UPDATE* Here we are 5 years later and the car is still running great! A year or so after this post my MAC long tube headers bit the dust, so I picked up some American Racing Long Tube HeadersAmerican Racing Headers and Offroad X-Pipe and gained even more HP. The final #'s are below.

Treadstone Intercooler

Off with the old

Vortech Maxflow

Vortech Maxflow Blow Off Valve

Intercooler Piping

Let the modifying begin

New MAF installed and being wired


Custom made 4" 'Powerpipe'

Anderson Powerpipe

Fits perfectly

Kenne Bell BAP

Kenne Belle Boost A Pump (BAP) Installed and wired

Intake pipe drying. Put a coat of POR-15 on there

Oil Catch Can

Oil Catch Can Installed

New MAF harness is complete

Ready to install new Treadstone Intercooler

MAF Installed

Treadstone Intercooler

Treadstone Intercooler being set in place

Treadstone IC

Another shot of the IC

Intake pipe dried and installed

Intercooler in place

Intercooler mounted and installed

vortech v2 sq

Almost there

Oil Catch Can 100% complete

Everything in place and installed

Intercooled Mustang

Job done, time to dyno!

*NOTE* This video is before installing the American Racing Long Tube HeadersAmerican Racing Headers

Dyno Sheet
Dyno Graph
Dyno #'s
SAE: 454 RWHP / 413 RWTQ

STD: 473 RWHP / 431 RWTQ

Dyno Sheet Before American Racing Long Tube HeadersAmerican Racing Headers & Offroad X-Pipe

#'s before headers / x-pipe - 444 RWHP / 413 RWTQ. First run on the dyno was 408 RWHP, this was with the Treadstone intercooler. The next run, after the new intercooler and customizations (but before Headers), the #'s were 444 rwhp. So I picked up 36 RWHP when ditching the CX-Racing Intercooler.

July 7, 2010
Updated: May 25, 2016